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Ephrem Assefa is an artist whose works in oil and water colour capture what he sees and feels around him wherever he is.

Ephrem studied and gained his diploma at the Fine Arts School in Addis Ababa. After qualifying, he worked for the Ethiopian Tourist Organisation as a stamp designer. During his two years with them, he designed 60 postage stamps for his country.
At first...
After three exhibitions in Addis Ababa, he was awarded a scholarship which brought him to the Chelsea College of Art, where he studied for three years. He gained another diploma and became a commercial artist. During his term of employment with an advertising agency, his unusually beautiful poster designs attracted attention – Ephrem was commissioned to work on sacred murals in two London churches and one in Ilford, Essex.
Ephrem now devotes his time to painting from his home. His paintings are gentle, yet powerful in their imagery – his subject matter varied. Undoubtly Ephrem’s technique and mastery of colour is moving and inspiring.
And then...
Certainly Ephrem does not merely paint to over popularise scenes – he captures and portrays the world as he sees it. He lives simply and looks for simplicity. Maybe he finds a greater depth of feeling this way – certainly his paintings reflect reality and a rare beauty, which is around people if they look for it. Ephrem obviously does and wants to share what he sees and feels.
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lacusenean kertyaseajaseras elportascer suscvarius cinaya natoqibe uertyas kertya faes rta ertas dis ient.
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